Delegate Application Template (Part 1)


1/ The overall goal of SPACE ID DAO is to create a more decentralized and collaborative space industry, by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and decentralized governance to foster greater participation, transparency, and inclusivity across the space ecosystem. The DAO seeks to promote social and economic development through the democratization of space-related innovation, by enabling a more diverse range of stakeholders to contribute their ideas and resources towards a shared vision of a sustainable and equitable space future.

2/ As a seasoned blockchain and space industry professional, I believe that I could make a valuable contribution to the SpaceID community in the following ways:

Developing innovative space-related projects and initiatives that leverage blockchain technology to address pressing challenges in areas such as climate change, sustainability, and resource management. By combining the unique capabilities of space technology with the decentralized, trustless nature of blockchain, we can create new solutions that have the potential to transform the way we live and work on Earth and beyond.

Mentoring and supporting space startups and entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on those from underrepresented and marginalized communities. By providing access to funding, resources, and mentorship, we can help to nurture the next generation of space innovators and leaders, and promote greater diversity and inclusion across the space industry.

Collaborating with other DAOs and decentralized organizations in the Web3 space to create synergies and build new opportunities for cross-sectoral innovation. By forging partnerships and alliances across different industries and domains, we can unlock new possibilities for space-related innovation and impact, and help to create a more vibrant and dynamic Web3 ecosystem.

Advocating for policies and regulations that promote a more open and decentralized space industry, and that enable greater participation and collaboration across different stakeholders. By engaging with policymakers, regulators, and other key stakeholders, we can help to create a more favorable environment for space-related innovation and investment, and promote greater transparency and accountability in the industry.

3/ In terms of my experience and skills in the Web3 space, I have a strong background in blockchain technology and decentralized finance, and have worked on a number of high-profile projects in these areas. Additionally, I have extensive experience in the space industry, having worked for several leading space agencies and companies, and have a deep understanding of the technical, operational, and regulatory challenges facing the industry. I am also passionate about the potential of blockchain technology to transform the space industry, and believe that the SpaceID DAO represents a unique opportunity to drive greater innovation and progress in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

Your .bnb / .arb name: starrybook.bnb / songsong2023.bnb / youngstory.arb / starrybook.arb
Your view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO: Spaceid can robust the bnb ecosystem and future of bnb domains is in hands of Spaceid. I am waiting for dao
How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering: We will actively participate in pre-tests of ongoing projects.
Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills: The Space.ID token (SPADE) is the native token of the Space.ID ecosystem, and it is used to facilitate transactions on the platform, as well as to incentivize users to participate in various activities such as staking, liquidity provision, and governance

The concept behind SPACE ID DAO appeals to me as it grants decision-making authority to active community members and ID token holders.

I am eager to support fellow community members on Discord in any way I can.

Although I have been involved in Crypto since 2019 I remain committed to learning and staying current with the latest developments in Web 3, DeFi, and Crypto. While I may not have extensive experience in dApp development, I am highly engaged in the web3 space and actively contribute to Discord servers whenever possible.

Please Accept my delegation

My Space Id - iphon.arb /0x8039b5D03fBfE834D160f1A109fA43f079e32d7C

My view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO - Is a wonderful project with the great community

My suggestion:
[1] We hope that in the near future, there will be a separate net for our project with low gas, more advantages, more trust, and better communication.
2] SpaceID Dao’s future is very bright. If in the future, SpaceID will give the auction organization a beautiful domain name and use the ID as a fee to buy a domain name, interact to get points to exchange ID, and there are many other ways to improve the ID’s value, including the voting rights of the ID holder.

  • How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering? - By voting activities

Your web3 experiences/achievements/skills - Testnet activities, Dao voting
Best wishes to you and me!

1/ spaceidprimary.bnb
2/ I think public governance and proposal approval is the best thing to help the community grow in this era.
I am open to participating in any governance proposal or any type of activity that this platform has to offer.

3/ I am happy with the growth of social media and I am committed to supporting your cause and as a social media influencer I will work hard to educate people about the platform

-The overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO is to facilitate the development and exploration of space-related initiatives through a decentralized and community-driven approach.
-As a member of the SPACE ID community, I can participate in discussions, propose ideas for improvements, and engage with other members to collectively drive the development of the DAO. I am excited to contribute my ideas and expertise to help facilitate the growth and success of space-related initiatives in a decentralized and community-driven manner.


*Inform the world of the project

*Project progress in a sound and transparent manner

*Make a video!

  1. amoohossein.bnb amoohossein.arb

  2. I like it. I will help the project if I can

  3. I’m a content producer and I have published tutorials about SpaceID. I can help to produce content about SpaceID

  4. I’m an Iranian influencer named AmooHossein who has been creating content on YouTube, Instagram and recently Twitter and telegram in the field of Metaverse, Testnet, Blockchain, Airdrop, NFT & cryptocurrencies for 2 years.
    I’m also the ambassador of BraavosWallet(starknet)

My .bnb domain name is – phovn.bnb and phovn.arb

I am the early supporter of the space Id .i want to grow with this project.i will share and taught people about the project more and more through my youtube channel.
I am a crypto influencer also.

I have experience in crypto for 5 years.

-i hope this project is was performed like a perfect way
-I’m share this project to my friends for joining
-I’m work in some web3 project so that’s why i have a good experience and skills also

SPACE ID DAO has an ambitious goal to create a decentralized ecosystem that provides a secure and convenient environment for managing digital assets and personal identities. I believe that this goal is very important for the future development of the digital economy, especially in light of the growing importance of data security and personal privacy on the Internet.
In addition, SPACE ID DAO also aims to create an ecosystem where users can be rewarded for participation and joint contribution to the development of the platform. This idea is in line with the principles of decentralization and community management that are becoming more and more popular in the blockchain environment.

On the whole, I think
that SPACE ID DAO has the potential to become an important player in the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem, and their common goal is of significant importance for the future development of the digital economy.

Of course, I can help the SPACE ID community in creating content in different languages! I have experience in copywriting and translation and would like to contribute to the development of this decentralized ecosystem. I am ready to offer my help in writing articles for the SPACE ID blog, translating documentation and other materials into various languages.

if the community has suggestions to improve the platform or other projects, I am ready to listen and help in their implementation. I have a lot of free time and am willing to work with the SPACE ID community to help them achieve their goals.

  • yellowpages.bnb
  • The overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO is to create a decentralized autonomous organization that supports and develops new technologies related to space exploration and development.
  • My contribution to the SPACE ID community would be to provide information, insights, and support to members who need it. I am also able to assist in the development and implementation of proposals that aim to improve the community’s overall functionality.
  • I don’t have direct experiences in Web3 or achievements/skills related to it. However, I have been trained on a wide range of topics and I can provide information on blockchain technology and its applications in the context of space exploration and development.
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The SPACE ID DAO aims to establish a decentralized autonomous organization that provides individuals with a secure and reliable platform to manage and utilize their digital identities. Utilizing blockchain and web3 technologies, the platform aims to ensure privacy and security, offering users better solutions for their digital identity management.

As a web3 dev, I plan to contribute to the SPACE ID community by dev dApps using SPACE ID API, SDK or something like that. I will also participate in community discussions and provide feedback to improve proposals. My active engagement with the community will contribute to the development of the SPACE ID DAO.

My experience in web3 technologies includes developing and using blockchain applications, writing smart contracts, and using decentralized exchanges and wallets. I specialize in reporting on web3 technologies, including DeFi and NFTs, and have achieved success in these fields. I believe my skills and experience will bring valuable contributions to the SPACE ID DAO.

  • Your .bnb / .arb name:
    153635.bnb / jaemokha.arb

  • Your view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO:
    A project to get together without online and offline.

  • How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering:
    It can contribute to activation by operating in various communities such as discord and forums.

  • Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills:
    It has been about seven years since it entered the crypto market and has been working at WEP3 for about two years. It belongs to various communities and has used various DApps.

  • Evaangele.bnb
  • Very positive, I am very attracted to your project
  • I can help the community, be it some kind of moderator or administrator
  • About a year and a half of experience, I am responsible for communication with the community

SPACE ID is a good community with potential
I will experience and make good use of SPACE ID’s project
Web 3, also known as Semantic Web, is the 3rd generation of internet technology platform to overcome the disadvantages and further optimize utilities with AI technology, blockchain and move to Metaverse to make the internet a reality. like your own life.

i think its amazing and unique, decentralization
i would like to share my expertise with voting and community support
recently i started using web3 but from many days i collecting information about it


SpacelD is a great project, can’t wait to see the project at the top!

I plan on Helping out by being an active community member

I am a web3 enthusiast, I’m a fast learner and I’m willing to work with any tools available

1/ In my view, the overall goal of SPACE ID DAO is to build a community that supports the development of the Web3 platform by bringing together developers, investors, products and projects in the blockchain field. and related technologies. This goal is also to promote the popularity and application of blockchain in daily life.

2/ My contribution to the Space ID community is my talent and experience in blockchain application development and Web3 related applications. Furthermore, I can also contribute to business development and community building strategies in this area.

3/ Regarding my experience and skills, I have been working in blockchain and Web3 for a while. I have experience in developing applications that support digital asset exchange, infrastructure construction and related technologies. I also have a deep knowledge of standards related to financial management and blockchains. I believe these knowledge and skills will be useful to the Space ID community in developing the Web3 platform.

1/ quainetwork.bnb
2/ I think it should be implemented as soon as possible.
3/ Space ID can hold VOTE for events to get community opinion.
4/ I have experienced Web3 forms for more than 2 years in the cryptocurrency market