Delegate Application Template (Part 1)

Your .bnb / .arb name: phongtaitieu.bnb/ mellifluous.arb

Your view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO:
This is a great opportunity for ID holders to contribute and make their own decisions for our development. I really like the idea of ​​going through this two-step process: discussion and then voting. I fully support this process.

How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering:
I can help new members learn more about the project on Discord channels, write about the project on Twitter or Medium.

Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills:
I have been participating in Testnet for many projects, still constantly learning about the Web3 world.


My SPACE ID is: aydada.bnb
What is your opinion on the common goal of SPACE ID DAO: towards the community
How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposals you’re considering: improve highlights and get new creations.
Your web3 experience/achievements/skills: just a member of the community

  1. dsilver001.bnb / skorea.arb

  2. SPACE ID DAO is convenient and easy to use on Web3, and I’m looking forward to it a lot in the future.

  3. So far, we haven’t been able to participate much, but if Spaceid is activated, it will help form a community with a lot of participation

  4. Until now, ID generation and friend invitation are all, but many participation is expected in the future.


In my opinion, the goal is very worthy and I am sure that the project will succeed and everything will run smoothly.
I work well with beginners, it’s not hard for me to answer questions and explain to people what and how this project works
Actually experience is not the greatest, I participate in many airdrop and also worked as a moderator on some servers

  • Your .bnb / .arb name:

  • Your view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO:
    I think the desire to overturn traditional economic models and create a new, fairer and more transparent system.

  • How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering:
    I can contribute to the community by spreading their ideas and also test the system for possible faults.

  • Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills:
    I have basic skills in finding vulnerabilities in various sites and applications, which is an important cybersecurity competency. I also continue to study in this area for a year and a half to expand my skills and gain new knowledge.

  1. 223445.bnb / kimjisu.arb
  2. It will be the identity that expresses me in the crypto market.
  3. I am writing on blogs, telegrams, etc. It can provide quality writing only for SPACE ID.
  4. He has about a year and a half of experience in the crypto market. And recently, I am studying coding in an academic conference. I’m trying to walk down the road as a developer.
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space Id Dao. Giving the power of decision making in the hands of active community members and ID token holders

I can contribute in helping community members

  1. dewilpyps.arb
  2. I think that this project is very good and has great potential.
  3. I love testing interesting projects, looking for bugs and helping the community.
  4. Smart contracts, UX design.

Your view on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO: In web 3.0, spaceid’s own domain is the most promising and excellent domain service in the future!
I can contribute in helping other community members on discord wherever possible.
Your web3 experience/achievements/skills: I run node and participate in testnet projects like arbitrum, aptos, sui

  • balky.bnb
  • Very Good
  • Help with vote and community support
  • 7 month experience

Name : sui-airdrop.bnb/arbitrum.arb
Your views on the overall goal of the SPACE ID DAO:
I believe SPACE ID DAO’s goal is to provide users with better solutions for their digital identity, that’s great and I firmly believe it.
How would you contribute to the SPACE ID community or any suggestions for improvement you’re considering:
I believe that by actively engaging with the community, I can contribute to the development of SPACE ID based on the needs of SPACE ID
Your web3 experience/achievements/skills:
I am a strategic investor, working in a team. Specializing in areas like DeFi - NFT and currently trending through AI. I believe I can make valuable contributions to the SPACE ID DAO.



*Inform the world of the project

*Project progress in a sound and transparent manner

*Make a video


My ID : :palms_up_together::palms_up_together::palms_up_together:.bnb

1/ I believe that the overall goal of SPACE ID DAO is both ambitious and necessary. Decentralizing the space industry and democratizing access to innovation and resources is critical to realizing a sustainable and equitable future in space. The DAO’s focus on leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized governance to achieve these goals is a unique and innovative approach, and I am excited to be a part of this community.

2/ I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to the Space ID community through the following suggestions:

Developing blockchain-based solutions to address key challenges in the space industry, such as resource management, satellite data sharing, and space debris mitigation. By leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology, we can create new solutions that have the potential to transform the way we operate in space.

Collaborating with other DAOs and decentralized organizations to create synergies and foster cross-sectoral innovation. By forging partnerships and alliances across different industries and domains, we can unlock new possibilities for space-related innovation and impact, and help to create a more vibrant and dynamic Web3 ecosystem.

Mentoring and supporting space startups and entrepreneurs, particularly those from underrepresented and marginalized communities. By providing access to funding, resources, and mentorship, we can help to nurture the next generation of space innovators and leaders, and promote greater diversity and inclusion across the space industry.

3/ In terms of my experience and skills in the Web3 space, I have a strong background in blockchain technology and decentralized finance, and have worked on several high-profile projects in these areas. Additionally, I have experience in the space industry, having worked for leading space agencies and companies, and have a deep understanding of the technical, operational, and regulatory challenges facing the industry. I am also passionate about the potential of blockchain technology to transform the space industry, and believe that the SpaceID DAO represents a unique opportunity to drive greater innovation and progress in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.


SPACE ID DAO helps the project community to befair and a common voice of the participants in this project.
Help support and investors with information, answer questions and connect the community
influencer, investor, researcher

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Research the project and help develop the community
I would be useful as a project manager or marketer
Sales director/marketer/project manager it

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  • thekingdom.bnb
  • I feel this is a highly strategic point of view with great potential for growth.
  • I always participate in all activities of the project and want to contribute a lot to the project
  • I’m a webmaster, developer and artist in web3
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I would like to contribute to the Space ID community by utilizing my skills and expertise to support the development of innovative projects that harness blockchain technology for the space industry. Specifically, I propose the following suggestions:

Support the growth and development of space startups and entrepreneurs, particularly those from underrepresented communities. By providing access to funding, mentorship, and resources, we can help to create a more diverse and inclusive space industry that fosters innovation and progress.

I like the idea of space Id Dao. Giving the power of decision-making to the hands of active community members and ID token holders.

I can contribute to helping other community members on Discord wherever possible. I’m also making a team so I can help everyone

I am in Crypto recently 2but still learning new things every day now. Web 3, Defi, and Crypto are of my interest. I do not have much experience in building dApps but I am very active in the web3 space. I do contribute on Discord servers as much as I

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olegiuskurakinus.bnb / olegiuskurakinus.arb
Of course, I support the goals and ideas of our community. Yes, I can disagree on some things, but this is what this system is being built for, so that everyone can express their views and their attitude to certain issues.
I am ready to consider any issues within my competence and express my opinion. I, in fact, am already a member of this community and, of course, with all my heart I want to help it develop and move forward towards its goals.
I, like this system, develop along with it. I am constantly learning and trying to understand her ideas and directions. I have no significant achievements in this area, but I hope that everything is ahead.

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1/ affcup.bnb
2/ I think public governance and proposal approval is the best thing to help the community grow in this era.
I am open to participating in any governance proposal or any type of activity that this platform has to offer.

3/ I am happy with the growth of social media and I am committed to supporting your cause and as a social media influencer I will work hard to educate people about the platform