Coupons to ensure continued affordability!


I’m aware that there’s a current offer of 60% off for domain renewals. However, this discounted rate will eventually expire. With this in mind, I strongly recommend the implementation of a coupon system. This system would allow users to acquire domains at a reduced price, Ensuring continued affordability, especially given the progressive decline in domain floor prices.


During the registration or renewal process, users are offered the choice to apply a coupon code. This code grants access to reduced pricing, and these coupons are distributed through official announcements. The team can releases these discount codes to celebrate milestones like reaching 500k Discord members or during holidays.

Screenshot 2023-08-27 220513
*This is just an example, I’m confident that the team can significantly enhance its design and functionality.


Coupons provide a strategic avenue to entice customers into buying your product. Coupons create a compelling incentive that spurs customers into action. This approach can be particularly potent in influencing purchasing decisions and driving sales, With that being said, I am confident that coupons will effectively attract both new and existing users to renew or mint domains.

Expected Outcomes:

The implementation of this feature will effectively lead to an increase in the number of domain registrations.


It can be completed within one month or two, including development, testing, to ensure a smooth user experience.


Don’t gift cards perform this function? For example, having several gift cards for $5, I can deduct points from them and partially pay for the registration or renewal of the domain.

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No, Giftcards cost same price as domains.

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So what? What are coupons for? To give discounts during all sorts of promotions, right? The same task is performed by campaigns where the prize is gift cards. :smiling_imp:


I think you misunderstood my proposal.

I’m aware gift cards offer a similar functionality but my proposal is totally different, I’m also aware the team is dropping gift cards during events… but not everyone is a winner right ? discount codes or coupons are just a way to reduce the price of domains by certain percentage, the team can announce a coupon code that everyone can benefit from it, Not only the riffle winners, And I think this is important to ensure continuing affordability after the 70% discount ends.

Also gift cards costs the same as domains so there is no discount on the prices, The price of the domain remains the same weather you have a gift card or not, Yeah I know you can use points from the gift card you redeemed but gift cards costs the same as a domain and 1 point is technically a 1$.


Based on the message above, you want to use a coupon for everyone for a certain period. But look how it works now

  • They act for everyone
  • Copons are not used
  • The period is limited

If you use the dome for the raffle, it is better to get a 100%discount card than a 90%discount coupon.

And yes, on the market cards are cheaper, you immediately get a 30% discount

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Yeah, right. More than 50% discount on

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