An NFT mint event for boosting the value of 3 & 4 digit .bnb and .arb domains


This proposal aims to bring more value to the 3 digit and 4 digit domain names in .arb and .bnb.There is an ongoing discount program until 18th of September and in addition to that I propose to arrange an NFT mint for those who would renew their domains and register new ones(3 & 4 digit) for a minimum of 2 years which would recognise and embrace the true web3 pioneers in the community. This would bring in more enthusiasm and positivity in the domain name marketplace.


Since the floor prices of 3 & 4 digit .arb and .bnb domains have fallen drastically and domain sales have been low for a while now,I think a special recognition needs to be given to those who have been constantly backing the potential of web3 and aiming to have a unique identity in the upcoming web3 era.Thus an NFT mint event will motivate users to renew their domains and this NFT will grant its holders a ticket to a raffle of $30000 in ID tokens.


–Organize an NFT mint event for those who renew/register 3 & 4 digit .bnb and/or .arb domain names for atleast 2 years

  • SID warrior Gold NFT - To those who registered/renewed their 3 digit .bnb and/or .arb domains
  • For gold nft - 20 winners will be selected where each will get $1000 worth ID tokens.
  • SID warrior Silver NFT - To those who registered/renewed their 4 digit .bnb and/or .arb domains

  • For silver nft - 20 winners will be selected where each will get $500 worth ID tokens.

  • NFT holders will get additional perks like exclusive SPACE ID merch,free nitro for a month and other exciting gifts via upcoming events.

Note : Number of renewals = Number of tickets for raffle.


Estimated total cost of implementing the proposal is around $30000.


The raffle will be done at the end of december and users will have to complete the registration/renewals atleast 2 weeks prior to the raffle event.

Expected Outcomes

Adding more value to the .bnb and .arb domain names which are in my opinion some of the dominant chains in the crypto space.Also create a demand for rarer domains.Web3 domain names are still undervalued and new registrations will also pour in as the need for uniqueness in the blockchain industry arises.


This is great, an interesting idea to support NFT holders. The monetary reward is best stimulates
But you can come up with something like special roles that will receive a boost in further distributions
or for example, an exclusive skin that a lifelong discount on extension) :wink:

Yeah I had that in mind that’s why I added will be having special perks in upcoming events.Needs more suggestions :heart:

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