Accountability and transparency of the grant program

This proposal is aimed at increasing community confidence in the DAO and the grant fund.

As a blockchain project in the web3 world, Space ID definitely needs to be transparent and interact with the community. I, like many other community members, am subscribed to the Space ID twitter account and regularly read news about new grantees. Here are examples:

  1. O3 Labs
  2. NFTScan
  3. Nabox


I believe that in order to increase trust in the community, the foundation should disclose the details of the grants.
What amounts did this or that grantee receives, and when was it? How much money is left in the grant fund?

The Space ID team will independently decide when, how and in what time frame it will be implemented.

This can be a blog post or a separate section on the site.


Hey @xandry.bnb!

We will be sharing an overview after the first season of the Grant Program ends at the end of this month.

This will include all the grant partners and grant amounts for the first season, and the remainder of the funds that will be moved over to the next one.