SPACE ID DAO Governance as a Delegate

NAME : 0xavengers.bnb
SPACE ID DAO : The DAO is definitely a must-have. Because you need ideas when managing a project. But you don’t know if that’s true or not. Also, you never know how your users will fall. For this reason, DAO logic should be exactly as you would do and should be applied.
SPACE ID community or any improvement proposal you are considering: All necessary updates should be made available to users within the DAO logic. The reasons for this and what will be done should be prepared in detail. The user should be considered first and privilege should be granted to them.
Your web3 experiences / achievements / skills: I have been in this industry for about 6 years. I had the opportunity to be present on all the necessary platforms. I helped or supported the project during the formation of NFT, token and projects. Your competitor is ENS and we have to do our best to get ahead of it. Everyone should put their hand under the stone. I assure you that I will take the necessary skills.

  • Designer
  • SQL
  • Managing
  • Leadership

Thank you!


You need to send your application to the thread: Delegate Application Template (Part 2)

      • ruhulrifat.bnb
      • I anticipate Assisting by being a functioning local area part
      • I’m a web3 lover with Frontend Improvement expertise. I’m a quick student and I’m willing to work with
      • 3 Years Dissension Mod Experience.

Please stop posting your applications. This activity has already ended 28th April, here is the announcement from discord: Discord

Now you can only vote for one of the delegates. Go to SPACE ID Scroll down and choose to whom you want to delegate. The domain name search function is not working yet, so you need to use the wallet address search. For example, you can enter my address in the search field (0xAFe934d660C157b7622cAD704BCd910972ccA72B), and it should be shown me.

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for 1 year

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